We’re Live Blogging and Tweeting the Grammys

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The Grammy Awards Ceremony is a night that the recording industry gathers to celebrate (in theory) the best in MANY genres and styles of music. While we here at Weeping Elvis certainly focus on styles of music that may not necessarily lie within the mainstream, for this year’s Grammys we will take our cue from the recording industry and focus, like the academy, on some acts that could be called mainstream, or “lowest common denominator,” depending on your perspective.

Follow our Twitter feed, @WeepingElvis1 and get ready to hit “refresh” on Sunday night, because we’ll be live blogging throughout the Grammy Awards. We’ll be reacting to what happens on stage, plus relaying inside info and a tip or two from our sources inside the show. So keep your mouses pointed here.

While we can’t delve into all categories, we will focus on a few and give you our thoughts on who we feel SHOULD win and hey, who knows, maybe the recording industry will get hip and agree with us. Last year’s Album of The Year category being won by Arcade Fire certainly gives us hope that other truly deserving artists will get their due.

Will it be an Adele rolling in the Grammys kind of night, will Lady Gaga parachute on to the red carpet, will Mumford and Sons continued to be propelled on their metoric rise by a win, will electronica artist Skrillex play this year’s Esperanza Spaulding in the Best New Artist Category and will someone be able to explain how Bon Iver is nominated in this same category? Have fun debating these and other questions with us. Have a look at the complete list of nominees, give a listen to a few categories and join in the fray of debate that is sure to ensue when these and other questions get answered on Sunday night.


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