Video(s) of the Day: Tamaryn

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It’s the dawn of a new year, and at the dawn of a new year people do a few things.   They lament the temperatures and lack of sunlight (“Hello” to our readers in the northern hemisphere living below a latitudinal line I don’t feel like looking up!).  They resolve to spend about three weeks pretending to get into shape.  And, they prepare for what is traditionally one of the quietest weekends of the year, coming as it does upon the heels of one of the most raucus.

With that “Dawning” in mind, it seems appropriate to spend a few minutes with one of San Francisco’s relatively recent additions to the shoegazer / coldwave / dreampop world, Tamaryn. I unfortunately missed Tamaryn opening up for The Raveonettes on their 2011 tour due to travel, (I’m staring at my shoes with contemplative remorse as I don my hairshirt), but look forward to catching the live show in the future.  In the meantime, there’s always lush, shimmery and hazy videos of plankton, cellular activity, or some other nebulous goings-on to bridge the gap. Enjoy the chillaxation.




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