Video(s) of the Day: My Bloody Valentine

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As people all over the world celebrate Singles Awareness Day, there’s truly only one band worthy of being the focus of our Video of the Day…My Bloody Valentine.  As single guys (and all the single ladies!) work our way through the day, some amongst us will only ask, how SOON will this day be over?  Very soon, my friends….very soon. Some of us prefer a different approach, though, because wallowing in negativity isn’t exactly endearing or attractive.

And after all, there’s nothing like a little discordant feedback to remind us that being single ain’t so bad, really…because being single is better than dissonantly spending this relationship holiday with someone whom you know you don’t really want to be with deep down in your heart of hearts.  So, celebrate your single-dom even as you shoegaze with Ireland’s finest purveyors of feedback, reverb, and distortion (and think of all the money you saved)! And if that fails, just remember….Love is Blindness.






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Behrnsie has a love for music that dare not speak its name. He attends many shows and can often be found counting out the beats for no discernible reason. He played alto saxophone in his middle school jazz band, where he was best known for infuriating his instructor when it was revealed that he played everything by ear, and could not in fact read music. He takes great pride that this is the same talent/affliction that got Tori Amos kicked out of the Peabody Academy. He does not live in his parents’ basement….except during the holidays.