Video(s) of the Day: 90s Redux!

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Within days of each other, two of the 90s’ biggest heavyweights–Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction–have weighed in with new singles/videos off their upcoming albums.

Let’s take a look at the matchup (videos are below):

The Songs
RHCP: “Look Around” is something of a departure from their late-period LA hard rock phase of “Dani California” and “Californication,” returning a bit more overtly to the band’s days of slashing funk guitar, semi-rapped lyrics and Flea’s bass walking all over the track.
Jane’s: “Underground” is more like the band’s last disc, Strays–trading the art-rock punk metal that they became known for in favor of tight songs where some spacy atmospherics trade off with screeching, jet-engine guitar sounds.

Production Values
RHCP: High. Each member of the band is isolated in his own room while playing or singing, along with the random female.
Jane’s: Higher. They’ve created a sepia-toned, Moulin Rouge-meets-Deadwood vignette, complete with gamblers and burlesque dancers.

Level of Nudity
RHCP: Moderate. Mostly from them, notably a shirtless Anthony Keidis and Flea in his tightie-whities, but Flea does coat one underwear-clad lass in Silly String.
Jane’s: High. Dave Navarro, of course, knows no shirts, and there are copious shots of the ladies of the night in various states of undress. The band is rumored to be releasing an uncensored version of the video tomorrow.

Questionable Grooming Decision
RHCP: Keidis’s guido mustache
Jane’s: Navarro’s persistence in wearing the black nail polish well into his 40s

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