Video of the Day: Wax Idols

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In 2013, throwing the term “post-punk” around can seem a bit anachronistic and non-specific, like, saying that something happened “post-Civil War.” After all, it’s been over thirty-years since Joy Division did their thing. For many, though, that descriptor still accurately categorizes a certain form of musical malaise that first arose in the fog of late 70s/early 80s Britain.

Wax Idols are decidedly not British — California is a long ways from Camden — but their contemporary sensibilities clearly owe something to the aesthetic introduced by Joy Division and perhaps most effectively popularized by The Cure. And, even in 2013, post-punk clearly remains a viable genre: The Cure are headlining the August 2013 edition of Lollapalooza.

From their sophomore release, Discipline & Desire, this is “When It Happens.”



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