Video of the Day | Throwback Thursday: The Replacements “The Ledge”

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This past Sunday marked the 26th anniversary of the release of The ReplacementsPleased to Meet Me. The band’s second major label release was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee under the direction of producer Jim Dickinson. It was also the first and only album they recorded as a trio. Bob Stinson had left or was asked to leave the band after the Tim album, presumably for drug and or alcohol addiction.

Pleased to Meet Me had a tighter more polished feel but still retained the punk core of their earlier releases. “The Ledge” is a great example of that punk spirit, mixed with higher production values. Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Paul Westerberg said its inspiration was taken from his own experience with depression and suicide attempt, In addressing critics who thought the song was meant to encourage suicide as an answer, Westerberg said the song was meant to inspire those who were depressed to know that things will get better.

Paul Westerberg, along with original bassist Tommy Stinson, have reformed as The Replacements. They will play the Riot Festival in Toronto, Canada on August 25th. You’re lucky if you are going!


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