Video of the Day | Throwback Thursday: Blur “There’s No Other Way”

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Yikes, has it really been 22 years since Blur‘s Leisure was released?  When this album came out, I had just started as Music Director at WHFS in Washington, D.C..  We were playing “There’s No Other Way” in heavy rotation and the band had agreed to come by to play the song unplugged … bad idea.

Although Blur, and especially Damon Albarn, are massively talented, this is one of those songs that was not meant to be stripped down. It’s just too produced, plus, it was early in the day, which did not make for a good vocal performance by Albarn. It sounded like he was going through puberty again as he strained to hit the notes on the chorus. But, it was great to meet them and they were nice, and they went on to be, well you know — huge.

“There’s No Other Way ” is taken from the London quartet’s debut album Leisure, which on the U.K. release featured “Sing.” That excellent track was later made more famous from its placement in the film “Trainspotting.”

Last year the band celebrated their 21-year anniversary with Blur 21: The Box, a two-disc Special Edition of all seven-studio albums, with the first five albums now also remastered. They’re currently on tour in Europe playing festivals in Belgium, Poland and France in the next week.


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