Video of the Day: The Limousines

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Dave Grohl has continued his public campaign for the elimination of any music that involves the utilization of a computer, so it is only fair to grant space to those who have a different view on the matter.  The Limousines are clearly not Luddites — they are from the San Francisco Bay Area, after all — when it comes to the production of their music.  They feature a variety of synth sounds and vocals that are clearly tweaked set against dark lyrics that would make Edvard Munch blush.  Their latest video  explores the cycle of life and a variety of untimely ends, and the dark lyrical nature of “The Future” is jarringly juxtaposed against a sing-songy chorus and upbeat, danceable melodies.

A nod to the 1980s (and the song’s title) is apparent in their vehicle of choice, a Delorean, which symbolically hammers home their love of 1980s synth rock that was abundantly apparent from the song’s opening notes.  So, while it may be an electronic song, it’s certainly not lacking in grit or edge.  Perhaps there is a moral to this story, Mr. Grohl….Don’t judge a book by its cover.



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