Video of the Day: Matt Mays

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If one were to take this video at face value, they’d have to assume that Matt Mays lives inside of a beer commercial. They probably wouldn’t assume that he’s Canadian. And they’d likely be jealous.

“Indio” is a straight ahead rocker and at one point in time, its accompanying video would have been a cliché. We’ve gotten so far away from the rock and roll zeitgeist in this post-rock era, though, that it feels more like a welcome return to the time when each generation held fast to the American Dream. Each generation could look forward to a higher standard of living than its predecessors. Each could look forward to more time bronzed, beer-ed, and (surf) boarded. To babes/bikinis or boys/boardshorts (choose your own adventure).

So, in 2013, this is perhaps less cliché than reminder of the simple pleasures that we once sought as a society. Carnal? Sure. Ephemeral? Definitely. But, joyous? yes. And if we have to thank a Canadian for reminding us about warmer climates, beaches, and bonfires? So be it.

You can catch Matt currently touring across Canada, or catch him opening for The Gaslight Anthem in the Western U.S. starting in mid-April.


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