Video of the Day | Lollapalooza Preview Edition: Blondfire

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Blondfire‘s dreampop bliss piqued the interest of the folks at Warner Music, the label that signed them in August 2012. The road they travel has been traversed by bands such as The Naked and Famous, so while it isn’t the riskiest music in the world, their unassailably catchy compositions are pleasingly pleasant. Which, is perhaps a primary reason they earned a slot opening for WE faves (and festival staples), Foals. They don’t reach Foals’ heights of emotion — few do — but they’ll get the kids bobbing their heads and in the mood to rock out.

But beyond the quality of the song itself, the reason we just HAVE to feature the video for their track “Where the Kids Are” is its affinity for the Indian face paint and attire that has filtered from Coachella to pretty much every music festival over the past few years. (And that includes Lollapalooza, where Blondfire is slated to perform this Saturday evening). We’re on record opposing this farcical exposition of Native American “fashion,” its novelty having immediately worn off around 2009. While the trend has lingered long enough, this track from Brazilian-American siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll deserves to hang around in your head a bit. It has an undefinable sweetness to it, a heartfelt sweetness devoid of the saccharine aftertaste of played-out festival fashion.


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