Video of the Day: La Sera

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Katy Goodman is best known for her work in Vivian Girls, but her newly-InterTubed track “Please Be My Third Eye,” due out officially in March on the album Sees the Light, shows off her individual musicianship…and her cute-as-kittens bangs.

I got to see Vivan Girls play the back room of a local pizza place a while back and enjoyed it mightily.  This edition of her work, however, definitely feels more Silverlake than Williamsburg and could more easily be mistaken for a side project from a member of Dum Dum Girls than properly pegged as the offspring of a member of Vivian Girls.  I know, that’s a mouthful, but at least it isn’t as confusing as all of those “Deer-X” bands.

The video in particular helps one envision Ms. Goodman as a 20-something, better-looking and Ginger-fied version of Becca from Californication.  Which of course, means that she’s probably infatuated with a real-world version of a younger version of Hank Moody that I implicitly hate for being a better writer, devilishly handsome, daringly diffident and, of course, the object of her affection.  But lest we get all carried away and put her up too high on the pedestal…she is apparently a cat lady.

La Sera’s sound is accessible to the masses — ok, let’s not get carried away, indie rock mobs — and seems bound to result in the same sort of fawning blogosphere reviews that initially greeted the low-fi reminiscent rock of her main musical squeeze.


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