Video of the Day: Girls, SXSW Edition

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SXSW serves up a variety of special performances in special venues each year, and this year is no different.  From BBQ joints, to cinemas, to rooftops, to churches; there are no shortage of non-traditional venues.  To wit: this evening will find Fiona Apple at Central Presbyterian Church, and the San Francisco band Girls is playing at a BBQ joint, (and a pretty awesome one at that), Stubbs.

But what if it was Girls, not that bad bad girl, performing in a church environment and throwing down their unique “Free Bird” meets modernity vibe, (see the 4:35 mark of their song, “Vomit”)?  Here’s a special performance from an abandoned Brooklyn church with Christopher Owens rocking his Rickenbacker and looking like a cross between Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley, on vacation.

Unfortunately we don’t have any footage of Fiona Apple at a BBQ joint, but if she still looks as heroin chic as she did when she approached me at an inaugural ball a few years back and asked if I was “holding,” she could use a pound or two of brisket. And maybe a beef rib as well. With a side of mac and cheese.  Seriously…if she’s (tragically) still that thin…someone get that girl a cheeseburger and directions to rehab.


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