Video of the Day | Coachella Preview Edition: Savages

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Savages. A word that conjures up visions of unchecked violence. Vicious attacks upon enemies, whether real or perceived.  Swirling, uncontrollable, and unpredictable. And for a few of you, visions of your Man Friday.

Savages are a post-punk female quartet from London whose music lives up to their moniker, firing away with fiercely staccato shrieking one minute, sustained and impassioned auditory assaults the next. Disaffection is a given, tension is abundant, and discordance meets intensity on a road that does NOT lead to redemption. That intensity will soon arrive in Indio, California for the Coachella Music Festival, and just may leave a trail of carnage in its wake.

From their soon to be released debut album, this is a live performance of “City’s Full.”



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