Video of the Day, Coachella Countdown Edition: James, “Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)”

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You (and the girls you went to that wild college party with) probably know James best for that titillating tune of theirs that caused girls to spontaneously karaoke a certain lyric about, ahem, reaching the  top of the mountain and being on top of…things.  They are one of those sneaky great live bands, and will be playing Coachella this year and surely surprising many unaware of just how prolific their place in BritPop has been over the past three decades.  Attendees and their loved ones will certainly endorse the theme of this song,  “Getting Away With It (All Messed Up),” which serves to foreshadow a lot of Festival-goers’ weekend activities.  At the end of the madness, here’s hoping everyone walks away safe, sound, and asking each other a question, (with a pre-determined answer: AMAZING), “How Was it for You?”


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