Video of the Day, Coachella Countdown Edition: Housse de Racket

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One of my most salient memories from college was a pseudo-intellectual dinner conversation where a peer posited the notion that if he had one nuclear bomb that had to be detonated, he would direct it to France.  It was an absurdist argument, of course, but one that he reasoned was sound because the French were totally irrelevant, unlikely to fight back and hadn’t contributed anything positive to the world in decades.  Of course, that was before bands like Air, Phoenix and Housse de Racket began making their mark on the global pop scene, thus countering his line of argument and staving off theoretical nuclear war games, Matthew Broderick-style.

Housse de Racket shares a producer, Philippe Zdar, with bands that include Phoenix and Cut Copy.  Phoenix thrilled crowds at Coachella in 2010, Cut Copy did the same in 2011, and now it’s bilingual French duo Housse de Racket’s turn to bring their European electropop stylings to Indio over the next two weekends. On their track “Chateau,” harmonic similarities to those other bands abound, and if their live show comes close to the frenetic energy of the aforementioned groups, then audiences are in for a treat.

Oh, and that friend I mentioned?  He’s a member of the U.S. Foreign Service….a diplomat.  True story. I’m guessing he’d think differently about the deployment of that nuclear weapon these days…as long as we leave David Guetta out of the discussion.


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