Video of the Day: Black Sabbath’s “Methademic”

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Black Sabbath has always a certain success with drug songs. “Sweet Leaf,” their ode to the wacky tobackee from 1971’s Master of Reality remains an all-time stoner rock anthem, while many fans consider “Snowblind,” a warning shot about the dangers of cocaine released the next year on Volume 4, to be their finest song. (Side note: Ozzy never really heeded his own advice in that song, either.)

Well, here they are with “Methademic” from their upcoming album 13, this one about middle America’s favorite method of suicide, methamphetamine. It was recorded at the band’s recent tour stop in Australia. By Tony Iommi standards, the riff is a bit metal-by-the-numbers, but hey, it beats anything Judas Priest has done lately.

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