Video of the Day | Throwback Thursday Edition: “Feed The Tree” by Belly

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Tanya Donelly turned 47 this past Sunday.  In her time on planet earth, she’s racked up one impressive musical resume, as a founding member of Throwing Muses, The Breeders and eventually Belly.

In 1991, Donelly  formed Belly with Chris Gorman on drums and Fred Abong on bass.  By 1993, the band  had released their debut album, Star, containing the single “Feed The Tree.” The track seemed to tap into the zietgest of the early 90s  with its chiming guitars, cryptic lyrics and a wonderfully melodic chorus.  The album sold more than 500,000 copies, the band toured relentlessly and along the way they earned two Grammy nominations. Unfortunately, Belly broke up in the mid-90s after the release of their second album.

This past May, Donelly performed “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” with The Breeders at their gig in Boston.  It was part of their twenty year anniversary tour for their debut album Last Splash. She also sang on “Do You Love Me Now?”, one of the record’s songs written collaboratively by Kim and Kelley Deal.

The talented pixie-like Donelly performs solo and is a recent convert to Twitter. Happy birthday @TanyaDonelly and thanks for the kick-ass songs.


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