Video of the Day | Coachella Preview Edition: Warpaint

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Warpaint makes things just a little bit uncomfortable. Their sound relies heavily upon both beauty and dissonance and their layered vocals are often heard zagging in unexpected directions, (even after the listener has been conditioned to expect the unexpected). Their penchant for discordance further highlights the dreamlike beauty always lingering nearby, even as a wandering, Maynard James Keenan vibe paces the journey.

Two separate videos are fused together by a skateboarding motif — “Disco//Very” and “Keep It Healthy” — the first highlighting a playful, dance-infused stroll down a hilly road as tension is created by the expectation that a speeding car will descend upon the band at any moment. The second is focused more upon skateboarding in the shadows and less on the band’s striking physical beauty. Warpaint will certainly draw a hometown crowd when they take the stage on Saturday, and if their performance is half as mesmerizing as their last turn at the festival, it’s sure to be one of the weekend’s highlights.


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