Video of the Day: Blanck Mass

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Admit it…you’ve been longing for that kind of music that just soothes the soul…that old time industrial electronic rock and roll. Because, as you prepare for the dystopian idiocracy of a Trump-led free world, you need something fitting to soundtrack that post-apocalyptic wasteland.

And, as a response to the creeping claw of nativism, you’re drawn to music from outside American borders…say, from the ancestral home of American anarchic behavior, the U.K. So, you fire up the hard drive and spin tunes from a member of the Bristol-based electronic group, Fuck Buttons.

Blanck Mass is the solo project of Benjamin John Power. As you’ve learned over the years from The New York Times, anyone with three names is killing something. And, in this case, it’s an electronic groove that has created enough buzz to land opening slots with bands like Sigur Ros and luminaries like Jon Hopkins.

You can catch them tonight in D.C., on a random tour around the country, or, amidst the cacophony of options found at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Austin, of course, is to Texas as Kasich is to Trump. Watch their video for “Dead Format,” and then, choose wisely.


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