Two Cow Garage = Awesomeness

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Swingset Assassin by Two Cow Garage

She was a playground princess
Back when we used to dream
I was a swingset assassin
Full of juvenile schemes

Awesomeness. There, I said it. I don’t use that word often. There aren’t many things in life that evoke feelings of awesomeness. Two Cow Garage does. Period. End of discussion.

With these clothes picked by my mother
Handed down from my big brother
And I’ll keep my hands folded
’til the day I turn thirteen

It was the fall of 2005. The McCoys finished up a show in Granger Indiana. There was a fan who came up after the show to have a beer with us and she said something that changed my life for the better. [this was the first thing to change my life for the better since my 1st introduction to Jameson’s Irish Whiskey]

“You guys sound alot like Two Cow Garage”………

At the time, Iwasn’t sure if that was a compliment. But I wrote it on my arm and iTunes’d the band later that week. “Please Turn the Gas back On” was my first purchased immediately followed by “The Wall against our Back”. 4 squares solid. Both albums. Rock freakin’ solid.

And we listened to the Beatles
Cause that’s what’s you’re told
When you’re young and empty
And you hadn’t got a clue

Can you dig? These 3 kids from Ohio [not to be confused with Ed from Ohio, guitarist for Firehose] have got it in spades.

The White Album from my mother
Rubber Soul from my big brother
And don’t you question Mr. Lennon boy
‘Cause he gave his life for you

And I cut my hair and I dyed it black
While everyone was gettin’ stoned
And I wrapped myself up in Black Flag
And flew it as my own

Who didn’t wrap themselves up in a Cape of Rollins? Or a Flag of Ginn?   …… and those that didn’t, we didn’t trust. At all.

And my poor worried mother
With the phone calls to my brother
But in the end punk rock
Just leaves us empty and alone

So now I’m fear and loathing
On a Sunday afternoon
I drink enough to be Catholic
But the morning comes too soon

I’m tipping back a Jameson’s as I type. Glad I’m in my cups enough to appreciate the lyrical Awesomeness of that last 4 lines…….. god bless Hunter S.

With the phone call from my mother
And the advice from my big brother
That Jesus is just another word
For nothing left to lose

Jesus is just another word for nothing left to lose…….  awesomeness.

-Elvis McCoy

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