The 2013 Grammys Live Blog

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Whose name gets called in music’s big night? Well, it’s hard to say with The Grammys but a surprising number of alternative and non-mainstream artists have been nominated — even in some of the mainstream categories. Follow us here as the action happens and the WE editors all weigh in on the live blog. Leave your comments below…we love a good debate!

7.30pm – In the early Grammys there were some interesting outcomes — Bonnie Raitt beats out The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers and the oh-so-hot Mumford and Sons for best Americana Album. Trent Reznor wins for Best Soundtrack. Jay-Z and Kanye West win 2 Grammys for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song but they lose Best Rap Album to Drake.

7.35pm – Mr. Dubstep, our man Skrillex can add at least 3 more Grammys to his mantle place along with his statuettes from last year. 2 of his wins were for Best Dance Album and Best Dance Record.

7.40pmThe Black Keys already have 2 wins before things even really get going.

7.45pmJimmy Cliff wins for Best Reggae Album

8.01pm – WOW…they are starting the evening off with the ever-lame “Never Ever, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift with what looks to be a Cirque du Soleil nightmare on crack…what the hell is a deranged rabbit doing on this stage?…this does not bode well. Let’s hope I’m wrong. Alice in Wonderland… minus the wonder.

8.02pm – the A Team is a depressing fucking song to play at the Grammys?

8:10pm – Why is William Shatner onstage playing piano? Oh wait, that’s Elton John, and what looks like Mini Me. Ed Sheeran is the pastiest red haired Brit to pick up a guitar since the Arctic Monkeys gave up spending their dole money on acne cream and bought Fenders.

8:21pmAdele looks like she’s wearing Queen Elizabeth’s handbag.

8:25pm – Hey fun. — the 80s called and they want their J.Crew clamdiggers back. Oh, it’s raining… so THAT’S why they’re wearing flood pants.

8.26pm – SO nice to hear fun. singing live with no backing trax flown in…Nate Reuss sings his ass off! NO AUTO-TUNE NEEDED!

8.28pm – REALLY?!?…do we REALLY need an Auto-Tuned version of one of our most famous jingles???…Thanks State Farm for the lamness!

8:40pm – It’s nice that the Grammys finally recognized Reese Witherspoon’s country and western ouvre. Oh wait, that’s Carrie Underwood.

8:52pmTim McGraw & Faith Hill. Don’t the country artists have their own night? Enough already.

8:53pm – Congrats to fun. Well deserved!

8.55pm – You gotta love Marcus Mumford and progeny…they just kick total ass…THAT is what playing live should sound like!

9.05pm – Nice touch on the sepia tone for Justin Timberlake….awwwwww shit now it’s SERIOUS…Jay-Z joins Justin!

9.20pm – Winning Best Rock Performance makes number 3 for The Black Keys (4 if you count Dan Auerbach winning producer of the year)…kinda surprised they beat out Alabama Shakes but there was not a dud nominee in that bunch. Tough to see The Shakes lose, but if they had to, “Lonely Boy” is still kickass. If you haven’t viewed it lately, this is worth peeking at the commercial break:

9.30pm – Just an FYI – Weeping Elvis interviewed James Valentine of Maroon 5 last year…just sayin’.

9:40pm – Crazy in love or just plain crazy, Rhianna can belt it out like there’s no tomorrow.

9:42pmFrank Ocean starting to clean up. He’s so humble; nice to see.

9:44pmTemptations, Carole King, and the mighty Lightnin’ Hopkins get lifetime achievement awards. Better late than never, Grammys. Lightnin’ Fuckin’ Hopkins!!!

9.48pm – Thinking back a minute…a really mature, smart performance by Justin Timberlake. What does a boy band star do when he gets older? He should do that!

9.50pm – How great is this?…The Black Keys with Dr. John and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band…that’s it Black Keys…you better testify to your history!

9.55pm – Anyone has ever doubted that Kelly Clarkson can REALLY sing should listen to what she just did- KILLER! AWESOME transition from “The Tennessee Waltz” to “Natural Woman.”

10.00pm – FINALLY some Grammy love for a well deserving Zac Brown Band…good job Grammys!

10:07pm – When Bruno Mars is onstage with Sting, will he just hand him a royalty check? In all seriousness, we don’t care how much Bruno owes to The Police, he kicks ass. Psyched to see where he goes from here. “Walking on the Moon” into “Could You Be Loved” with Ziggy Marley / Damian Marley — oh Jah, mon!!!

10.13pm – THAT. WAS. KILLER!…how great did Bruno Mars and Sting sound…yeah it’s 10.13 but it’s really 4.20 up in here!

10:23pmLumineers were terrific, sweet and humble in their performance and introduction of Jack White. Jack brought down the motherfreakin’ house with both the women band and the men band. WOWWW!!! We are not worthy!

10.25pm – Ok… I LOVE Jack White but is he not totally channeling Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands? So nice to see him use BOTH his all girl and all boy bands…you better bring the good rock music Jack!

10:26pm – Congrats to fun. VERY tough category. Would’ve preferred Alabama Shakes, but can’t argue. Beats the hell out of Starland Vocal Band beating out Elvis Costello in 1977…

10.28pm – I HATE that Alabama Shakes are getting no Grammy love…they are SO good! Too bad that the competition is so stiff in their categories…well I guess it’s not too bad to have a lot of great artists get recognized.

10:40pmPrince! The guy just doesn’t age. Nor does his music.

10:43pmGotye deserved to win. One of the most odd songs to ever win Record of the Year. Remember when our own Behrnsie interviewed the now Record of the Year winner?

10:57pm – In Memoriam – So many unreal artists lost this year.

10:58pm – Lovely tribute to the late great Levon Helm. Elton, Mumford, Zac Brown, T-Bone Burnett, and Mavis Staples. Plus Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes. Coming up on a year since we lost Levon. He Shall Be Levon.

11.05pm – cool was that to hear the great Mavis Staples and Brittany Howard CRUSHING their vocals on “The Weight”…my favorite moment I think!

11.10pm – I really like Juanes but him covering “Your Song” felt odd..why?

11.13pm – oops…can Frank Ocean hear himself?…something is not right…this man is too good to sound this bad!

11:22pmMumford & Sons Babel wins album of the year. The Grammys will get no argument from Weeping Elvis!

11:24pmChuck D sounds like the Voice of God. And Travis Barker may the best living rock drummer on earth. Plus Tom Morello shredding. Nice high energy finish to the show. Makes up for the Juanes and Frank Ocean.


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