Summer Song of the Week: M83’s “Midnight City”

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Billy plays a mean outro, bro.

For whatever reason, M83 has stealthily flown under hipster radar with their solid previous releases, some of which contained gems like “We Own the Sky“.

“Midnight City”, the first track from their upcoming October release, “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”, has served as one of my songs of the summer since it leaked onto the InterWebs a few months ago. This song, ladies and gentlemen, seems perfectly designed for the musical moment. A moment with a proper mix of tight songwriting, electronica, atmospheric vocals, scenes from a Scandanavian summer, and danceable rhythms that evoke the best of 1980’s New Wave.

Sure, that’s a nice start, but brilliance awaits.  Once you’ve fully slipped into the vibe, it hits you: the moment of zen. I don’t want to spoil it, but the killer outro conjures up the finest memories of a popped-collar-sporting-Rob Lowe wandering drunkenly through Georgetown in that wonderful piece of cinematic history, “St. Elmo’s Fire“. In short, it’s a brilliant evocation of what was great about fully-fledged new wave….even with those WHAM! hair cuts. Enjoy, and party like it’s 1985.


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