Stones Less Rolled: A Playlist

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Last week, the Rolling Stones celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first gig at London’s legendary Marquee Club.

Rumors of an upcoming tour and new material persist (fueled in part by the occasional stray comment from Ron Wood). Keith Richards has even hinted that any 50th anniversary shows could include Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman (thereby reuniting the Let It Bleed through Exile on Main Street lineup, considered by many their greatest incarnation).

In the meantime, Stones’ fans will have to subsist by re-reading Keef’s spectacular biography Life (glowingly reviewed in the New York Times by no less an authority than Liz Phair), and by playing (and replaying… and replaying) their recorded catalog.

It’s virtually impossible to listen to (deservedly but relentlessly) overplayed hits like “Satisfaction” or “Honky Tonk Women” with new ears, which got us thinking about some of the most underrated, underplayed songs in the Stones’ venerable catalog.

So to mark the occasion of their 50th Anniversary as The Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band in the World, we’ve put together this Weeping Elvis Spotify Playlist — Stones Less Rolled — of lesser-known gems from across the Stones Spectrum (from the Brian Jones era to the Daryl Jones era). If you’re only familiar with Greatest Hits compilations like Hot Rocks or 40 Licks, prepare to have your mind blown. Even if you’re the most hardened Stones-ophile this side of Jerry Hall, we expect that you will find some forgotten rock-n-roll gems.

So grab a bottle of Jack Daniels, an armful of of groupies, firearms, and medical grade pharmaceuticals, then “stretch out in Room 10-0-9, with a smile on your face, and a tear right in your eye,” hit “PLAY” and let “the good Lord shine a light on you, make every song your favorite tune.”



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