Is Spotify’s Daniel Ek The Most Important Guy In Music Biz?

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Remember where you were at the first time you heard about Napster?  Remember the first time you downloaded a song from Itunes?  Those are pivotal moments in the music industry, now Forbes thinks Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek is the guy that’s going to change things again. Maybe.

They assert while Shawn Fanning and Napster introduced a culture of free music and Steve Jobs created a climate of buying singles only, Ek has a new offering which could once again change the music industry.  From Forbes:

The music industry has been waiting more than a decade for Ek. Or more specifically, someone—anyone—who could build something (a) more enticing to consumers than piracy while (b) providing a sustainable revenue model.

They note that Ek will be in New York this week to unveil Spotify’s new platform complete with a press conference. Could we be on the cusp of something that really revives the music industry?

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