Sleigh Bells, Hole, Jonelle Monae, Godsmack, The National, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol all release new music

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NEW RELEASES- SET YOUR DOWNLOADER- all the artists below have either JUST released new discs or will with the next 2 weeks

Sleigh Bells- the talk of Coachella, SPIN Magazine, Octane’s top downloads and Berhnsie/PJ/CLEM fave. This shit is wild and awesome…like the White Stripes on PCP.

Hole- saw ’em live and heard some cuts…GREAT new music…awesome singles Pacific Coast Highway and Skinny Little Bitch

Jonelle Monae- FINALLY full CD release…it’s like Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Leontyne Price, Outkast and James Brown in one amazing whole.

Godsmack- for the hard rockers. First new music in some time.

The National- heard 2 new tracks…sounds awesome…BIG NY Times feature

LCD Soundsystem- POSSIBLY the LAST LCDS disc although Coachella may make them decide that t “maybe we wanna to hang on a bit longer.”

Interpol- it’s only one cut and appeared on their website with no fanfare but it’s good. Unsure as to whether it means new disc or not.


Also…Against Me! out in June and for the hard rockers…

Coheed and Cambria new disc just out and new Korn out in July. New Disturbed is done…release not yet announced.


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