Roundup: The Prez Still Thinks Kanye Is a Jackass, Depp Jams with Manson

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President Obama still thinks Kanye West is a jackass. When asked by an Atlantic writer if he preferred Kanye or Jay-Z, the president reprised his earlier comments about Kanye when the rapper insulted Taylor Swift onstage. “He is a jackass,” Obama said. “But he’s talented.”

Marilyn Manson showed up at Wednesday night’s Golden God Awards, and who should help him out onstage but Johnny Depp. Check out their take on “Sweet Dreams” below:

Still apparently playing the underdog role and doing any and every media appearance they’re offered, The Black Keys are set to appear on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. NME reports that in “an episode dedicated to Kansas City, Bourdain has lunch with the band at a place called Woodyard Bar-B-Que. The duo pick him up in the van from the cover their most recent album, ‘El Camino.'” It airs April 16.

Francis Bean Cobain says Twitter should ban her mother, Courtney Love, after the unhinged singer suggested in a tweet that Dave Grohl has a history of hitting on the younger Cobain.

In the wake of Axl Rose‘s refusal to attend his own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Rolling Stone provides a handy guide to other artists who’ve skipped the honor. Among them: Paul McCartney, Jerry Garcia and Diana Ross.

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