RoundUp: Sleigh Bells Cover Beyonce, Obama The Movie, Frusciante Won’t Join RCHP at Hall of Fame Induction

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Davis Guggenheim is the Oscar winning filmmaker who directed It Might Get Loud, the movie that featured interviews with Jimmy Page, Jack White, and the Edge paying tribute to the guitar. The Obama campaign announced this week that Guggenheim will direct a 17-minute documentary about the President’s first term in office.

Morrissey is on tour in Argentina, and at some shows his band members have sported T-shirts with the slogan “We Hate William and Kate.” The Reliable Source reports the singer’s native UK is again feuding with Argentina over its control of the neighboring Falkland Islands, where Prince William is currently deployed on routine helicopter-piloting duty. Morrissey is advocating for returning the islands to Argentina.

Florence And The Machine are going to release an ‘MTV Unplugged’ live album.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are being inducted on April 14 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Former guitarist John Frusciante will not be attending. According to Billboard drummer Chad Smith said,  “We asked him… He said, ‘I’m just not really comfortable with that, but good luck and thanks for inviting me.'”

Rush, the band, has asked Rush Limbaugh, the radio host, to stop using “The Spirit of the Radio”. According to TMZ, the band was furious that Limbaugh played the song during his controversial rant about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke

Sleigh Bells have covered Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”.


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