Roundup: Sinead O’Connor Cancels Tour, Klosterman Makes a Night of Creed & Nickelback

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Sinead O’Connor has canceled her 2012 tour due to bipolar disorder. She originally made the pronouncement on her website, citing a “very serious breakdown” this winter. That post was later removed.

Dave Grohl is giving fans a sneak peek at his Sound City Studios documentary via the phone. On the website, a phone icon now appears. Click it, it displays a pop-up message with the phone number 1-855-SND-CITY (763-2489). You can call the number to hear messages from Grohl about the studio and the film, as well as a possible jam session from the soundtrack.

Jack White will be writing the soundtrack to Disney’s Lone Ranger reboot.

Ted Nugent, culminating a turbulent month, pleaded guilty to transporting a bear he illegally killed in Alaska.

The Arclight Cinema in Hollywood is hosting a special screening of the 2011 Chemical Brothers doc Don’t Think with director Adam Smith this Saturday. If you’ll be in L.A., click here for tickets.

And Chuck Klosterman takes in a Creed-Nickelback double bill. He was made for this. Sample excerpts:

  • “one [Creed fan] has brought his own homemade popcorn in a cylindrical Tupperware container, which is something you probably wouldn’t see at a Japandroids show.”
  • Nickelback’s power ballads “sound like what would happen if Bob Rock helped Coldplay write a really loud song for Garth Brooks (which would undoubtedly be the most popular song in the history of mankind, were it to literally exist).”

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