Roundup: Researchers Say Music Getting Louder and Blander

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A team of Spanish researchers have determined that pop music has gotten progressively louder and less varied over the past 55 years, Reuters reports. “We found evidence of a progressive homogenization of the musical discourse,” said research leader Joan Serra. “In particular, we obtained numerical indicators that the diversity of transitions between note combinations – roughly speaking chords plus melodies – has consistently diminished in the last 50 years.”

Photo: Reuters

About 100 protesters convened on the Russian embassy in Washington Friday to protest the continued incarceration of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. According to the Huffington Post, the protest was supposed to continue into the night with punk bands playing across the street, but their permit to do so was revoked. See our past Pussy Riot coverage here.

The Gaslight Anthem talk to SPIN about how Tom Waits and Pearl Jam influenced their writing of their new disc, Handwritten.

Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen collapsed onstage at a show in Paris due to a “full-system collapse” (Rolling Stone).

Death metal stalwarts Lamb of God were forced to cancel their upcoming tour, as frontman Randy Blythe (who’s also running for president) sits in a Czech prison (Guitar World).

A murderer’s row of British rock royalty signed a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, urging the government to do more to combat music piracy. Among them: Simon Cowell, Brian May, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend.

Poison’s Bret Michaels is planning a movie on his own life.

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