Roundup: Post-SXSW Edition

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When it comes to keynote addresses, Bruce Springsteen is the Steve Jobs of them. See his epic SXSW speech, in its entirety, here.

The big rumor at SXSW: Music this past week was that Apple is gearing up take on Spotify with their own subscription music service. It’s not the first time this rumor has surfaced, but it is the first with multiple digital music execs overheard at the festival expecting an announcement within days.

Snoop Dogg reveals at SXSW that his new album will show his loving, caring side. “Because bitches and hoes have feelings too.”

MTV is set to launch Artists.MTV in May, providing a one-stop shop for fans to access over 1 million artists’ music, merchandise, social media and concert tickets while giving artists the majority of the revenue share as well as potential cross-platform exposure from online to TV via Viacom’s media empire.

Jimmy Page set to release Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks on March 20th. Originally made, but never used, for the 1972 film Lucifer Rising, this is the first time ever that these songs have ever officially been released.



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