Roundup: New Bruce & Andrew Bird, Caribou To Open For Radiohead, Lips Set to Play Floyd Album

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Bruce Springsteen‘s Wrecking Ball is out today. It’s the first studio album from The Boss in three years and it’s streaming today at

More new music: Innovative, indie folkster Andrew Bird is back with Break it Yourself. It’s available for download today and if you buy tickets to his upcoming U.S. tour you get a copy of  the new album plus two live EPs. Not a bad deal.

As we reported yesterday, Radiohead have added tour dates in the Northeast. Caribou, AKA Dan Smith, will be the opener.

Animal House the movie is set to become a musical reports the Arts Beat Blog. Otis Day and the Knights?

Happy birthday to David Gilmour. The legendary Pink Floyd guitarist is 66 today.

Speaking of Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips are set to play Dark Side of the Moon at the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston.  The Avett Brothers, Snoop Dogg, WaavesBest Coast and a bunch more are also lined up for the June 2 and 3 concert.

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