Roundup: Montrose Dead at 64, Radiohead To Play DC, New Arcade Fire, The Clean U.S. Dates

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Radiohead have tours news out today, they’re adding a stop in Washington DC on June 3.

Bay area guitarist Ronnie Montrose passed away Saturday from Cancer. Kiss offered a tribute at their website.

Depeche Mode are due to start working on their new album at the end of this month, so says primary band songwriter Martin Gore.

Craig Wedren, former Shudder to Think front man, has scored the new Paul Rudd comedy Wanderlust. The movie is enjoyed its second weekend at the box office. Wedren tweeted out this pic of him as Vince Neil and Paul Rudd as him.

Lana Del Rey returns to TV tonight appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Happy birthday to John Frusciante, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, who is turning 41 today.

The Rolling Stones are releasing a 50th Anniversary photo album.

New Zealand indie rock innovators, The Clean, have announced a round of rare U.S. tour dates this summer.

Arcade Fire have written a new track, “Abraham’s Daughter”, for the forthcoming Hunger Games Soundtrack, which is in theaters March 23.

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