Roundup: Legalize It, Says Tony Bennett

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Reacting to the deaths of not only Whitney Houston, but also Amy Winehouse, with whom he won a Grammy over the weekend, Tony Bennett came out for drug legalization at Clive Owen‘s pre-Grammy party on Saturday. Legalization would “get rid of all the gangsters that make people hide,” he said. “One thing I’ve learned about young people, when you say ‘Don’t do this,’ that’s the one thing they’re going to try and do. Once it’s legal and everybody can do it, there is no longer the desire to do something that nobody else can do.”

Speaking of Houston, the L.A. County Coroner’s office released her body yesterday, but was still withholding its report on the cause of death until full toxicology tests are done.

The Decembrists have released a new track. Called “One Engine,” it’s the band’s contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack. The upcoming sci-fi film also has songs by Arcade Fire, Neko Case, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and The Civil Wars. Listen below:
One Engine by The Decemberists by mar-in-kinsey

Carlos Santana will release a new disc called Shape Shifter in May. He tells that he’s largely eschewing the guest-vocalist format of his recent releases in favor of a nearly all instrumental approach.

The backlash against Karmin‘s SNL performance from the weekend is picking up steam. “Come back, Lizzy Grant [Lana Del Rey], all is forgiven,” writes SPIN. “This was hip-hop even Mitt Romney could enjoy, though he seems to have a little bit more personality.”

Random journalistic achievement: Yahoo tracked down the woman who played the hot teacher in Van Halen’s 1984’s “Hot for Teacher” video. They find that at 60, she’s still doing quite well and eating mostly raw food. Do with that information what you will.

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