Roundup: Grammy Morning After Edition

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First, a bit of news: L.A. detectives have asked coroners to put a security hold on Whitney Houston’s autopsy, which means we may not know the cause of death for days. The only thing that’s been disclosed is her body was found in the bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton with “no signs of trauma.”

For the rest of today’s roundup, we’ll brig you some of our favorite reaction from last night’s Grammys.

Chris Brown:
L.A. Times: “If the first 25 minutes of the 54th Grammy Awards were relatively restrained, that all went by the wayside when Chris Brown performed two songs. Brown has had success in the last year, but he’s still in the midst of serving five years probation for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Considering the incident happened hours before the Grammy Awards three years ago, this all seemed too much too soon.  Additionally, in light of what happened yesterday, it felt frivolous — nay, offensive — to keep Brown on the bill for a nearly four-minute segment.”

Foo Fighters:
Washington Post: “Foo Fighters take home their fifth of the night — Best Rock Performance for ‘Walk.’ ‘It’s not about what goes on in a computer,’ Dave Grohl says, touting the virtue of real rock-and-roll. In a rich bit of irony, he is then prematurely played off the stage by LMFAO’s cheeseball dance smash hit ‘Party Rock Anthem.'”

Antiquiet: “Foo Fighters talk epic shit on people who make music on computers, then perform with people who make music on computers.”

Bon Iver:
Yup, just like with Arcade Fire last year, someone started a Who Is Bon Iver tumblr, cataloging the reactions of pop fans who had never heard of him and were outraged that he beat Skrillex.

The Beach Boys:
Antiquiet: “The Beach Boys are the grey, decayed meat in a douche sandwich.” [Presumably referring to Maroon 5 and Foster the People.]

Nicki Minaj:
Washington Post: “First [viewers] were confused, then amused, and then just plain angry. … They had no idea what sort of spectacle they had just witnessed, but few of them liked it.”

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