Roundup: Boston Behaving Badly Edition

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The City of Boston has cited the House of Blues for a mosh pit that broke out during a recent Flogging Molly show, saying that when dancing “becomes dangerous and a public safety hazard,” it will not be tolerated. The city forced the venue to put up signs warning of the new provision. Meanwhile, just a short drive north of Boston in Manchester, New Hampshire, David Lee Roth stopped Van Halen‘s show in the middle of “Pretty Woman” when he noticed a fight break out, accusing the perpetrators of starting–you guessed it–a mosh pit. “Knock off the fucking fighting!,” said Roth. “Fuck you! What do you think this is, a fucking mosh pit? You’ve got all the best-looking women on the fucking East Coast here and all you can fucking think of is fucking fighting?” Whatever the merits of his other comments, we’ve been to New Hampshire. And he’s sorely mistaken about his last point. Video below:

Mumford and Sons and John Legend played last night’s state dinner at the White House in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron. Sitting at President Obama’s table during the performance was Sir Richard Branson. And according to a press pool report, Mumford and Sons was overheard saying “We always wanted to play a hoedown at the White House” as they exited the stage.

At SXSW, Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame predicted a coming “war” between artists and labels. Read more in the L.A. Times.

According to a longtime friend and collaborator, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck is working on an album and may become the first band member to release music since the breakup. And Warren Haynes says Gov’t Mule has spent five days in the studio working toward a new record. has an interview where Haynes also talks about playing for the president, with Mick and Keith, and filling in for Levon Helm at the Midnight Ramble.

In separate interviews with Rolling Stone, both Keith Richards and Mick Jagger say the band isn’t ready to tour in 2012, and would likely push it a year to 2013.

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