RoundUp: Artists Remember Dick Clark

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Sad news on the loss of Dick Clark yesterday. The iconic American Bandstand host booked not only pop stars but also took chances on out-of-the- mainstream bands when they were just starting out. Among them: Pink Floyd, Public Image, Captain Beefheart, Bubble Puppy, Love and X.

Many artists weighed in via Twitter on his passing:

Bootsy Collins: Another Pioneer Slipped from our Sights. 1958 was when I 1st started watching American Bandstand.

Paul Stanley: As a little boy I sat transfixed to our television every afternoon and Saturday night watching American Bandstand. Dick Clark was the face of rock and roll and it’s best ambassador.

QuestloveDick Clark. A Great Philadelphian. Thank You Very Much!

Snoop Dogg: REST IN PEACE to the DICK CLARK!! U were pioneer n a good man!! Thank u sir.

Julian Lennon: I am truly saddened to hear of Dick Clark’s passing today.

Pete YornAmerican: @thiirteen: Bandstand in the Sky by @PeteYorn, for Dick Clark.

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