Roundup: Artists React to Madonna At Superbowl, Cornelius Tribute, Moby On Obama

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Tweets galore from lots of artists during Madonna‘s performance at the Superbowl last night:

Best CoastI need this outfit Madonna is wearing on the halftime show

Julianna Hatfield-definitely lipsynching…lame

Patrick Carney from the Black Keys-Lady gaga is killing it at the super bowl!

Neko Case– Her arms look AWESOME! You are JEALOUS!

Ryan Adams-King Diamond would have been a perfect guest for Like a Prayer- based on outfits alone

A Soul Train flash mob  took place over the weekend in New York’s Times Square complete with about 100 dancers in decked out in 70’s fashion and afro wigs as reported by PollStar. It was all part of a tribute to Don Cornelius, host of soul train, who died at the age of 75 from a self inflicted wound.

In case you missed this, Archers of Loaf are reuniting to celebrate the reissue of their sophomore album Vee Vee, out on February 21st- as the reissue of All the Nation’s Airports and White Trash Heroes which will follow later this year,Archers of Loaf have added new tour dates and will perform songs from all four albums.

Moby is no stranger to politics and is weighing in on Twitter: isn’t it odd that isn’t it odd that republicans say the economy is a result of obama’s policies only when it’s bad?

Classical minimalist Philip Glass recently celebrated his 75th birthday.  The Sound of the City Blog at the Village Voice is honoring him by showcasing collaborations that feature his work, including this very cool one from Atlanta’s dj BC (a.k.a. Bob Cronin) from his album Glassbreaks, which features mashed up The Beastie Boys‘ “Pass The Mic” with Glass’s Einstein on the Beach.

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