Roundup: AL Shakes TV Debut, M.I.A. Pays Fine?, Iconic R.E.M. Image In Jeopardy

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London’s The Duke Spirit release Bruiser today. It’s their third album featuring the single “Don’t Wait”.

French Duo Air are releasing Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon)  today.  It’s the soundtrack to the remake of a classic black & white silent film by revered French director Georges Méliès.  According to the band’s website, the producers wanted to put a contemporary spin on this classic silent film, so they approached AIR’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, to compose an original modern soundtrack, an enormous honor for French musicians, considering the film’s place in the canon of French cinema. “Seven Stars” is the first single, download here.

The Lemonheads release Hotel Sessions today – an intimate recording documenting a Sunday night that Evan Dando spent recording new songs with just an acoustic guitar in a hotel room in Bondi Beach, Australia.

Fans of R.E.M. will remember the iconic railroad trestle featured on the back cover of the band’s groundbreaking first album Murmur. The bridge is now set to come down reports the WSJThe cash-strapped local government says it can’t afford to keep it and calls the wooden edifice unsafe. “It either falls down or we take it down,” says Andy Herod, a county commissioner. Strangely enough I went to college with Andy Herod- weird and cool to see him sited in this report. The imagery of the murky  kudzu covered bridge really was a  perfect visual match for REM’s mysterious, southern-tinged musical debut.

Jenn Wasner, from Baltimore’s Wye Oak, is putting the finishing touches on her solo album.

Georgia’s Alabama Shakes make their television debut tonight on Conan. Look for their debut album Boys and Girls out April 10th and an appearance at Sasquatch too over Memorial Day along with BeckThe Roots and a billion more bands.

M.I.A. will foot the bill for any fines levied on NBC as a result of her middle finger gesture during the Super Bowl halftime show reports TMZ.


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