Roundup: 4-Month-Long Songs, Sting Doesn’t Have Sex for 24 Hours

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2011’s ubiquitous beat? That would be the disco-influenced “four on the floor.” NPR talks to DJ Earworm, who constructed a mashup of some of the year’s biggest hits, and found the repetitive beat rearing its head again and again. Check it out below:

The Washington Post looks at Bear in Heaven’s high art (and ridiculous) idea to take a 44-minute piece and stream a stretched-out version online over the course of four months. Why yes, they are from Brooklyn. And while I’m at it, why do so many bands have “Bear” in the title?

Gossip Beat: In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Katy Perry and Russell Brand announced their split on Friday. Meanwhile, Sting’s wife Trudi Styler says the rumors of 24-hour marathon tantric sex sessions between them were brought on by an offhand quip from the mouth of Bob Geldof. She said once the rumors heated up, “I was doing it all day long. Well, if only.” Finally, Billy Corgan has revealed plans to open a “Chinese-French,” 1930s style tea house in Chicago’s Highland Park neighborhood.

Business Beat: In a case that could have wide business ramifications, Peter Frampton has sued his label, A&M Records, for breach of contract, saying he’s owed a higher royalty rate from digital downloads than he currently receives. If only he had Coldplay’s problems. The band pocketed a cool £1 million to play Abu Dhabi on New Years Eve. Tickets cost £4,300.

The onetime home of Jim Morrison is the latest to fall victim to a string of LA-area arsons.

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