Roll the Ledes | Music News: January 30, 2014

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— The Buku Music + Art Project has announced a lineup that includes Sleigh Bells, Nas, Phantogram, The Flaming Lips, Chromeo, David Guetta, and Dan Deacon. The festival is occurring in New Orleans on March 21st and 22nd.


— In other festival news, Moogfest has announced a lineup that includes CHIC (Nile Rodgers is everywhere these days), M.I.A., Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk 3-D, and the aforementioned Dan Deacon. Held in lovely Asheville, NC — the home of a lot of great art from a different genre — the festival takes place April 23-27th.


Canadian Music Week also announced its lineup — M.I.A. will be there, too — and it will be a rip roarin’ five days of music from March 6th – 10th. A lot of other festivals announced their lineups, as well, but we stopped keeping track. Long story short: the homogenization of the North American festival lineups is largely complete.


Painted Palms excellent new record — Forever — will likely emerge as one of the year’s best, and the San Francisco psychpop duo has now released a video for the title track, “Forever.” It just might remind you of certain songs by The Beatles. Starting in late February, the band will be headed south and east on a brief tour that will culminate with a series of shows at SXSW.


Thievery Corporation have debuted the first track from their upcoming album, saudade (due out April 1st on ESL Records). “Depth of My Soul” has an early-era James Bond feel, which makes sense since the duo chose to dive deeply into late 60s and early 70s cinematic themes on the upcoming album (in addition to bossa nova, which is not evident on this track). The track features vocals from Shana Halligan, formerly of Bitter:Sweet.


Chad Smith, the Will Ferrell look-a-like who makes a living playing drums with the Red Hot Chili Peppers had dinner with NFL legend Joe Montana in a place with Yankees ex-manager Joe Torre on the wall. Smith will be banging the skins in New Jersey this weekend during a break in action between commercials and football. But, he will NOT be “Dazed and Confused.”

— When Pussy Riot takes the stage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center next week for an Amnesty International benefit show, they will do so only after being introduced by … Madonna. Which, sounds about right given that both will ultimately be known more for their attention-getting antics than for their music.


— In advance of the tour supporting their upcoming third release, an EP called Southern Skies, London’s Yuck have shifted from the 90s Dinosaur Jr. vibe they had going towards the dreampop section of shoegazer-dom. The first track, “Athena,” dabbles in three and slows down the pace, taking it (relatively) low and slow until the final product is falling off the bone delicious.


Topspin, a once highly touted company that sought to work with artists to build relationships (cough, sell more stuff to) with their fans, is now a dead man walking. Reports indicate that the company has laid off more than half of its staff, after a prior exodus of staff and vaunted deals with Spotify and Beats Music. Apparently there wasn’t much in their creativity bank after coming up with schemes that essentially forced fans to buy t-shirts, CDs and limited edition merch in order to get access to tickets for the shows of their favorite bands.


— Did Daft Punk punk everyone at the Grammys? In addition to the shots during the epic performance of “Get Lucky” (featuring Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Stevie Wonder) where the robots didn’t appear to be doing much of anything when the producer switched to the in-the-DJ-booth camera shots, additional evidence is surfacing that they may not have actually been the dudes behind the decks. Regardless, the performance was one of the best things to happen to the Grammys in years.

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