Retort to Mr. Huey’s list…

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So while I do agree with most of your choices I was aghast to Creedence and The Beach Boys listed. C’mon now…did the qualude kick in as you were chosing them. Yes Creedence had some catchy tunes but one of the best American bands??? And the Beach Boys for fuck’s sake? OK, so Pet Sounds was innovative but after, that it was pretty much cheesey poofs and if you really listen it is not even that well sung and LEST WE FORGET…KOKOMO??????? “Bermuda, Bahama, c’mon pretty mama…Aruba, Jamiaca oooh I wanna take ya” These are lyrics from one of America’a greatest bands??? I am sorry…later work should be factored in.

To say that a band is one of America’s greatest I feel the work should remain SOMEWHAT consistent. True not all R.E.M. songs  or some of the other groups you listed songs ALL were great but they were at least credible and have a certain level musicianship and thought and well…they didn’t TOTALLY suck.

I will consider who I think are the greatest American bands but had to chime in. I can tell you for sure that Parliment will be on there!


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