Pictorial Review: Placebo

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UK glam rockers Placebo are notorious for touring everywhere…except in the USA. It has been 7 years since their last American tour, and 11 since their last DC club show. To say that this show was highly anticipated by long time fans is an understatement, although, perhaps because they disappeared for so long, it did not sell out.

The band sounded good, with Brian Molkos‘ distinctive Bryan Ferry-esque vocals taking center stage. The addition of a backing female vocalist created depth. Bassist Stefan Olsdal was their most animated member, happily wielding his rainbow guitar as a nod to the band’s LGBT positive themes.

They focused on their two latest albums — Battle for the Sun and Loud Like Love — somewhat to the disappointment of older fans. It would have been nice to hear more from their 2003-2009 body of work, considering they never played any of it here.

Knowingly and fittingly they ended with “Infrared” off 2006’s Meds rather than their highest US charting single, “Pure Morning.”


All Photos | Katherine Gaines
Fillmore Silver Spring, October 9, 2014, Silver Spring, MD


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