Pictorial Review: Johnny $#*&!@’ Marr

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If one polled The Editors (and for that matter, the contributors) of Weeping Elvis, it seems a safe bet that The Smiths would rise far above most bands in our collective consciousness. That has continued unabated as the band’s members have long since moved on to other musical pursuits, including Johnny Marr‘s long-awaited “solo-debut,” now, all these years later. In the interim, other generations have discovered their legendary sound — particularly that of Marr’s unmistakable Fender Jaguar — whether through recordings of the band itself or those of the legion of bands bearing their indelible imprint.

Recently, before a family issue prevented the completion of his tour, Marr stepped out front at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club and gave a wide-ranging audience a taste of what all that buzz has been about over the past, oh, thirty or so years.


All Photos | Katherine Gaines
9:30 Club, November 9, 2014, Washington, DC

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