Pictorial Review: Garbage at 9:30 Club

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Being avant garde has its advantages. High among them: sounding fresh 20 years hence. For Garbage, their uniquely dance-able rock was fused with electronica well before the club kids knew Molly as anything other than the name of a 1980s ginger actress.

20 years ago, there weren’t many people openly talking about being queer, or thinking it might make sense to merge goth and rock and dance and pop and post-punk and an assortment of Britishisms. Of course, there weren’t many 90s bands with the widely-acknowledged production genius of Butch Vig, or the certifiable charisma of Shirley Manson. While performing a (newly re-released!) record in its entirety 20 years after its release is clearly a nostalgia/cash grab, it turns out that it can still offer up something of contemporary substance.

And so, midweek in America’s capital, Garbage took the stage at 9:30 Club to thrill those in the present with songs from the past. And, in the end, seeing Garbage perform live remains our idea of a good time.


All Photos | Katherine Gaines
9:30 Club, October 28, 2015, Washington, D.C.


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