Pictorial Review: Sigur Rós

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Iceland’s Sigur Rós is in the midst of their world tour —  which takes them to most corners of the globe — through the end of the year.  The trip corresponds with the release of the group’s 7th full length record, Kveikur, (which translates to “priming” in English), which is slated for international release on June 17 and in the States on June 18.

As most Sigur Rós tours go, the band is accompanied by horns, strings and additional percussion, resulting in a grand total of 11 musicians on stage.  And as is typical, that bombastic wall of sound is accented by an enveloping video and light production.

Here, then, is a photo set of their recent tour stop at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago plus the official video for “Brennisteinn,” the lead track from the new record.  Also, a video from the band’s November 2012 performance at Iceland Airwaves where they debuted the current production, a show at which I was fortunate enough to be in attendance.  Despite being recorded by an audience member, this video of “Svefn-g-englar” (arguably the group’s biggest, um, “hit” in North America) looks and sounds pretty good and offers a feel of the mesmerizing Sigur Rós live experience.

(all photos by Tim Pogo)

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