LiveBlog: Coachella Weekend Two, Day One – Y’all Ready For This???

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By now you’re up to speed on the craziness that is Coachella. We now return to our regularly scheduled live blog, brought to you by the wisdom of a Matt and Kim song I seem to recall watching/listening to around 4am last night (7am on my body clock).



10:13am – So, what lessons have we learned after (an epic commute to) and one night in the Coachella Valley? Well, first, don’t trust a guy named Lars. Second, craigslist allows you to sell almost anything, including extra Coachella passes. (Assuming they actually show up after agreeing to buy). And third, when choosing between $4 bottles of Pinot Grigio, go with this one.

11:35am – We’ve already had a group of girls come and go from the house this morning. That sounds a lot cooler than it actually was. We also keep discovering more people that are staying in our house, including a German, a couple of Aussies and a Cleopatra look-a-like sporting a cross and a shirt that says “I Love Fat Blunts.” Catholics…

11:51am – Clem is trying to install wordpress but doesn’t know his password. Exxxxccccelllennnnt. Here’s what’s on tap for me today: The Sheepdogs, Other Lives, Jimmy Cliff, Tim Armstrong, Givers, EMA, James, Gary Clark Jr., Arctic Monkeys, Madness, Pulp, Mazzy Star, The Black Keys, M83, Swedish House Mafia, The Horrors. Sick lineup, for sure. And, hot hot very hot. Triple digits hot.

12:33pm – Let’s do this!

1:45pm – Wearing a bra at Coachella is frowned upon, unless it’s worn as a shirt.

2:00pm – Friggin’ lines. Why do we need to go through security / validation twice? #CoachellaFail

2:05pm – Just in time for a killer set from Other Lives. They’re the band that discovered an Asian living in Oklahoma and brought her into the band. Yes, she plays violin. #stereotypes. Check out the interview we did with their lead singer/songwriter Jesse Tabish just before they joined Radiohead’s North American tour. Sorry we missed you, Sheepdogs.

3:16pm – Random thoughts…at this point of the festival it is still possible to find a port o’ potty that hasn’t been ruined by pooping. Also, any entity that doesn’t take credit cards has some inherent shady-ness.

3:55pm – James on the big stage marks the first sign of a dude in a skirt. Surprisingly it’s not Tim Booth. He’s shirtless. Great set that felt less anachronistic than Yuck, their junior Brits by 30 years.

5:15pm – Nothing says, “hey man, you’re a VIP” like paying $11 for a slice and a coke.

6:10pm – Girls (the band) is crushing a set that at times feels like it would also kill at Woodstock. Their lead singer has a T-shirt featuring the likeness of S.F. Giants pitcher and weed aficionado Tim Lincecum. It’s 04.20, after all.

6:31pm – Arctic Monkeys storm the stage with a pounding take on “Mardy Bum.” Alex is rocking the Joe Strummer look and vibe. And, the hotties who set up shop directly on front of me would definitely look good on the dance floor. Or anywhere, for that matter. As heard in the classic Fred Savage film, The Wizard, “Caallllliiiifffoooorrniiiiaaaa.”

8:02pm – Pulp is the stuff that comedic class warfare is made from. And they’re a KICK ASS band as well. “Disco 2000” just killed and “Babies” still makes me smile after all these years. Tremendous tunes. “This is Hardcore” is best in show today. Ridiculously good. Also, Jarvis Cocker looks life-sized from 300 yards. He’s Marfan’s Syndrome tall.  Pic: Common People.

8:55pm – Glow sticks actually serve a purpose…they help me avoid turning an ankle by signaling the passed out presence of a kid who couldn’t handle his drugs.

9:09pm – Mazzy Star wants all the lights off when she plays, which is interesting because that’s how most people, umm, “experience” her music. Or maybe she just hasn’t aged well. Either way, the music is sexy as a supermodel and “Fade Into You” still sounds amazingly fresh. Fresher than those port o’ potties that have weathered 12 hours of triple digit temps, that’s for sure.

9:40pm – In my angrier youth I listened to Atari Teenage Riot a bit. They’re good at what they do…but right now it sounds like they’re making human sacrifices in the Gobi tent. Or mating starving hyenas. They must still be existentially angry about something. Also, if they are not the polar opposite vibe from Mazzy Star, I’m not sure what is.

9:57pm – If Nickelback were on stage instead of The Black Keys I’d want more than 5 cents back from Goldenvoice. “Next Girl” rocked the proverbial casbah Black Sabbath-style. After headlining Lolla this coming August we’ll need to figure out if they’re officially over-exposed, though.

10:09pm – The crowd is going wild for M83…and they haven’t even taken the stage. Expectations are high for a band that quite possibly released the song of the year in 2011 with “Midnight City,” and one of Weeping Elvis’ best albums of the year to boot.  They exceeded the expectations of the raucus overflow crowd. Steve McQueen would be proud that a(nother) song about him kicks ass so effortlessly.

11:31pm – The Coolhaus custom ice cream sandwich is TOTALLY worth $6. If this had been $11, and the slice and a coke had been $6, justice would have been served. I guess it all works out in the end.

12:15am – The Horrors are owning the Joy Division meets the 21st century vibe that they’re throwing down in front of a small but attentive crowd.  Swedish House Mafia are owning most of those still relatively coherent and / or carrying glow sticks.  That’s enough for a VERY solid day one…my feet hurt and I need a shower.


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