It’s Gorge-ous! Sasquatch Festival 2012: Live Blogging Day One

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5:12pm – After a long drive from Leavenworth (Washington, not the prison) the Weeping Elvis team has arrived at The Gorge in George, Washington and is ready to kick the Sass out of Sasquatch Festival 2012. The setting is epic, Northwest US and Canada is well represented, and it looks to be a rockin’ rock party holiday weekend!
6:45pm – I wanted to quickly dismiss Poliça as akin to the cheesy music that I heard in the bars and clubs of Eastern Europe, but after a few sips of my PBR tallboy, and a few breathes of the crisp Washington state air,  I noticed that this rhythm section heavy act has hints of Sade and their lead singer can be somewhat memorizing. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but I’m listening.

8:23pm – I just paid 11 bucks for a PBR that can be bought for 1 buck at a bar during happy hour…I mean…it’s a tall boy but not 11 bux tall!

8:37pmGirl Talk just mashed up Dancin’ In the Dark and Gimmie Some Lovin’….WHAT?!?!…but it worked!!

8:53pm – I’m sure their mothers would not approve of the young ladies dancing outside in bikini tops when it’s 50 degrees but me thinks it’ just fine!!

9:14pm – Nirvana…meet Adele…#GirlTalk would like you to mash!

9:29pm – I was just asked for a hug from a dude in a pink gorilla suit …of course, was happy to oblige

10:00pmPretty Lights doesn’t go on for 15 mins and being crushed in the middle of 30,000 people is already happening!!

10:33pm – Pretty Lights bringin’ an awesome jam and tearin’ the big stage at Sasquatch up!!! I pity the woofers!

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