INXS Celebrate 25th Anniversary of “Kick” with Deluxe Edition

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INXS are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Kick album this fall with the release of a three CD and DVD package complete with remixes, demos, never before heard tracks and behind the scenes footage.

Leading up to 1987, the band had released five albums, but it was Kick that pushed them to new heights selling six million copies and making them global superstars. The special reissue package will also feature a hardback book called “The Story of Kick,” a poster and a sticker sheet.

I had one brief brush with Michael Hutchence on the tour for the 1992 release Welcome To Wherever you Are.  It was backstage at a small club in Philadelphia after their show.  Their label rep and road manager led myself and a few other radio folks back to their dressing room, most of the band was packed in a dimly lit space. Michael Hutchence was leaning against the back wall sipping a drink. I went up to say hi and that I liked the show. In a quiet voice he said, “Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I’m sure he’d done this same “meet and greet” with industry people a million times over,  but strangely enough I got the sense he really was glad to be there. It’s eerie to think that he would pass away just five years later.

Kick 25 (Super Deluxe Editon) will be released on September 17th by Mercury Records.

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