Insufferable Frontmen

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David Malitz over at the Washington Post has posed an interesting question. And while his answers are somewhat expected, he scores a couple of unexpected blows (yes, Lou Reed is an ass).

Check it out here.

Who else belongs on there? For me, it’s gotta be Springsteen. He’s the American mirror image of Bono. Watching the two of them share the stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was like a two-man mutual admiration society. His whole “church of rock and roll” schtick is played out, his politics are stuck in the Carter administration and, quite frankly, if it’s possible for anyone of his immense talents to be overrated, he is.

Potential future nominee: Brandon Flowers (someone get that guy a cause and watch his annoying quotient skyrocket) and James Hetfield, if he continues with the midlife introspection.

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