French Impressionism at Coachella

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by Pierre Leroux and Victor Le Masne (a.k.a. Parisian duo Housse De Racket)

Coachella weekend 1
was something really special! It meant a lot for us.

Every year, we’re looking to the festival line-up and when we saw our name on the poster this year we couldn’t believe it.

The audience was amazing, very much into it and it was more and more packed! Compared to a club crowd you have to be make wider moves cause they’re so many people in front of you!

We saw lots of shows; we loved The Hives, The Rapture, Justice. But the best show seen was maybe Dr. Dre and Snoop. 20 years of rap hits in an hour and a half, impressive!

We missed The Black Keys but we definitely want to catch them next weekend. We’re on tour for 6 weeks now in the US/Canada and The Black Keys were maybe one of the bands we listen the most while we were on the road. Great driving music!

Anyway Coachella is a truly great experience, sun and palm trees everywhere, not to mention the crazy number of girls in mini jeans shorts!

Our Coachella survival tip: a cap, a bottle of water & a Housse de Racket tee shirt!!!


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